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Kamloops Endowed Fund

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Purpose: In appreciation, recognition and in support of their extraordinary dedication, the fund’s purpose shall be to provide advanced communication equipment to people living with ALS in BC.

Donors: Clayton Smailes Family, Giovannie (John) Caferra Family and Brian Rintoul Family and friends.

The fund was initiated with 30% of the proceeds (net revenue) generated by the Annual ALS Golf Tournament of Hope. At the time of this agreement, $10,000 has been accrued from the proceeds of the first two tournaments. 

History of the ALS Golf Tournament of Hope

This tournament was initiated as a result of the outstanding support of friends of three families touched by ALS in the Kamloops area. The Smailes (Clayton), Caferra (Giovanni) and Rintoul (Brian).

From the beginning, 30 % of the proceeds from the tournament would be set aside towards the creation of an endowed fund to support the development of communications technology used by people living with ALS and the remaining 70 % toward patient services, which includes equipment loan and transportation programs through the ALS Society to provide the best quality of life possible for patients living with ALS.