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The primary purpose of a Care Connection is to reduce caregiver responsibilities and reduce any worry the person with ALS has about his or her caregiver. By caring for the caregiver, the person with ALS is helped as well.

The ALS Society of BC’s Care Connection is a program to aid your own group of caring family and friends to help their loved ones with ALS and their caregivers.

Tasks that families need help with may include: walking the dog, cooking a meal, providing companionship or transportation, and other daily caregiver activities. By using a specially customized online web tool developed through a partnership between the ALS Society of BC and Lotsa Helping Hands, you will find it easier to stay in touch and let family and friends know what you need.

One person is trained as the coordinator and organizes the Care Connection group. This person is usually close to, but not a member of, the immediate family.

The ALS Society of BC will supply information and train interested people to become coordinators. In addition the Society will provide ongoing support for the Care Connection team.  

In 2016 39 families are using this program (2015 : 25 families; 2014:23 families; 2013:16 families)

People with ALS and their caregivers may need your help, but are hesitant to ask.
Become an ALS Care Connection coordinator.

For more information, contact Alex Guerrero, patient services coordinator at  604-278-2257 or toll-free 1-800-708-3228 ext. 226 or  e-mail