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Equipment Loan Program

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With 2,900 pieces of medical equipment, our Equipment Loan Program is designed to help people cope with the daily challenges of decreasing mobility and independence through obtaining basic and essential assistive equipment. This includes mobility equipment, lift equipment, beds and accessories, communication devices and bathroom aids. All equipment loaned is available at no charge to registered ALS patients.  

100% of equipment prescriptions received in 2016 were processed:

1,727 requests for equipment  (2015: 1,779, 2014:1,853, 2013:1,673);

2,331 equipment deliveries were made (2015: 2,389, 2014:2,201, 2013:2,113);

1,394 equipment maintenance cleaning and repair orders (2015: 1,502, 2014:1,359, 2013:1,1,196).

Statistics of Equipment Loan Program Expenses

Equipment Loan Program Sponsors

To learn more about the program please check the Society's Equipment Loan Program Policies and Procedure. If you would like a hard copy of the manual, contact Billie at 604-278-2257 ext. 223 or email  

If you want to sponsor this program please contact Rena Mendoza at 604-278-2257 ext. 225 or e-mail


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